Softgames - pioneer in HTML5 games

Alexander Krug, CEO & Founder of SOFTGAMES, Mobile Entertainment Services

Being a native Berliner, I observed how the city has changed during the last decades from a divided enclave into a cosmopolitan melting pot bubbling over with the pioneering spirit, creativity and entrepreneurship of people from all over the world. The start-up scene, in which SOFTGAMES also has its roots, is steadily flourishing here. Right now, for people working in the games industry Berlin is a city of opportunities, offering excellent conditions for innovation, visionary ideas, and immense growth.

Founded in 2006, SOFTGAMES has partaken in this development for 12 years by now. Since our journey began, we have continuously grown from a start-up to one of the 35 biggest employers in the German games industry. We contributed to and at the same time also profited from the general spirit of optimism prevailing in the ambitious and inventive city around us. Since 2012 we pioneered in the field of HTML5 games and created the world’s largest HTML5 games platform outside the Messengers, and published more than 500 titles.

Being already at the forefront of HTML5 gaming, we were one of only 15 game companies worldwide selected by Facebook to become an exclusive launch partner of Instant Games on their Messenger platform in November 2016. We immediately understood the massive opportunities of Instant Games for us as developer: A once in a lifetime opportunity to reach more than 1 billion players, enhancing their Messenger experience with our high quality and fun games that they can play with their friends and families whenever and wherever they wish. Today, we are one of the biggest developers for Facebook Messenger, providing 70 titles (brands: SOFTGAMES and ROFL), and entertaining tens of millions of users with successful casual games such as Cookie Crush, Solitaire Story, Bubble Shooter HD. Only recently Cookie Crush surpassed the milestone of 1 billion level starts.

Exploring the opportunities and creative challenges of a new platform is always very exciting, especially when you are one of the pioneers. We are at a historical starting line, having the chance to define what players associate with Messenger Games and how it will transform gaming in the future into a mobile social experience, bringing people together through play.

In order to constantly push the creative boundaries, we are always on the look-out for young talents with fresh ideas as well as experienced game industry veterans. Beyond being able to offer excellent working conditions, the city itself is also so appealing that we can easily attract the best employees from all over the world. Besides all the other benefits like being very green, having a vibrant nightlife, and many cultural and historical offers, Berlin features a vivid international game and digital culture scene with big and small companies, game museums, and countless events, where people can connect and inspire each other. Additionally, thanks to the now established excellent training opportunities in the field of games in Berlin, we can find many talents right here.

We are already the leading HTML5 games developer, and we aim now to replicate this for Messenger Games. Berlin with all its above described benefits offers us the best conditions to uphold our original Berlin success story, continuing to do what we as well as the city can do best: connecting people.